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Transition Partnership Program (TPP)

Helping students transition into the workplace and community after  graduating from high school.


The Transition Partnership Program is a partnership with the South San Francisco Unified School District and the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. The goal of the program is to assist special needs youth with the transition from high school to today’s competitive world of work. The program creates linkages between high school juniors and seniors with community resources and the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.


Pre-Graduation TPP  Services include:

• Pre-employment skills; applications, interview techniques, work ethics

• Acquainting the student with the rehabilitation counselor and procedures of the rehabilitative agency

• Personalizing client vocational needs based on an individual plan for employment (IPE)

• Exploring ROP classes, electives, paid work experience, and volunteer work.


Post Graduation TPP Services include:

• One-on-one vocational counseling with a designated Department of Rehabilitation Counselor

• Follow-up from SSFUSD Transition Coordinator to ensure smooth transition from high school to post high-school plan employment

• Employment supports to ensure success, such as job training, job analysis, and job coaching

• Interagency collaboration with agencies such as Peninsula Works, Golden Gate Regional Programs and more


Advantages of T.P.P.


Student Benefits

• Career Exploration

• Work Experience

• Create a Personal Data Sheet/resume based on employability training

• Interagency collaboration

• Support system in making career decisions

• Learn about yourself responsibility develops maturity!

• Gain self-confidence

• Follow-up upon exiting-our staff maintains a relationship past high school to ensure success!